This I Believe

Michael - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in respect. Respect of property others and yourself. Some people might think of respect as the way you interact with other people but it’s much more than that.

Ever had that friend that borrowed a Cd or game and you never got that item back? Or even if you did get it back it would be scratched or damaged to the brink of not working. I believe that you should respect and take care of others property as well or even better than you should treat your own property. Such as test-driving a brand new car, you should treat that car like its going to be someone else’s pride and joy.

Everybody has or still knows that bully that thrives on the attention of upfront confrontation. Sure some thing’s need to be confronted but not in such as a manner to provoke intimidation or fear.

Most importantly I believe you must respect yourself. Even though their might be a constant high school buzz of what might seem like everyone going to parties and getting wasted or just high as a kite. There is no reason to abuse your body in this manner. You don’t need to do this to have fun. Instead get some friends together and play Xbox or watch movies all night. Consume as many soft drinks and candy as you possibly can. See how hyper you can possibly get. It is so much better than a hangover and not being to remember the night before.

Respect yourself others and their property it can be well worth it.