This I Believe

Zachary - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Smile, It Confuses People

Smile, it confuses people. I walk down the hall at school and I see people. Most of them have solemn, sad, or depressed looks on their faces. I catch someone’s eye and smile at them. Sometimes times they smile back, sometimes they don’t, and then other times they look at me like I’m completely insane, and I can tell they’re thinking, what on earth does he have to be so happy about?

Smile, it confuses people. I get asked questions all the time like, “Why do you smile all the time?”, “Why are you so happy?”, or one of my favorites “What’s wrong with you?” At this I just give them a big toothy grin and say “I’m just happy.” Then they still look at me like I’ve gone bonkers.

Smile, it confuses people. I never saw the point in trying to look or act unhappy because all that does is make you well, unhappy. Plus it’s way too much work, and in the interest of all truthfulness I’m kind of lazy. Don’t get me wrong I still get unhappy, I still have bad days, and the day-to-day grudge match we call life still can be a pain, but when I stop and put it in perspective it’s really no big deal, life goes on, and I’ve learned to just keep smiling.

Smile, it confuses people. I’ve found you can tell a lot about a person by the way they smile. The first thing I notice is how often they brush their teeth, if in fact they brush their teeth at all.

Smile, it confuses people. I like to think when someone smiles it’s like turning on a light in a pitch black room. I also like to think that one smile can fill the whole room with more light in a second than a thousand light bulbs can in a year.

Smile, it confuses people. I’ve come to understand that a smile can give someone as much joy as winning the lottery. That being said, in the future I plan to have a little fun, laugh a lot, and smile, because it confuses people.