This I Believe

Jessica - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Let Someone Get to Know You

Have you ever met someone who you never really go to know? You hang out everyday but they never seem to let anyone get too close, a serious conversation arises and they pull away. Well that person describes me perfectly. I play make a game of avoidance and confrontation is how I loose.

This lifestyle is dead to me now, ok maybe just slowly disintegrating, but at least it is decreasing. I can’t give the credit to just one person because many people have tried to get me to open up but really there is just one person I can do this to; maybe because we have been together literally all my life, or maybe just because she is my best friend. Being twins probably makes this somewhat of a cliché but it is true, she is the only person who knows even half of everything about me.

Amanda really keeps me going, if a horrible day is scheduled for me next Tuesday you can bet for at least one period we are going to be in the bathroom talking about what ever is going on. I can tell her anything, which makes our relationship just that much stronger. I believe that it is necessary for a person to have a confidence, just someone to spill your guts to, and Amanda is mine.

Letting thoughts out to somebody feels really good too. It’s like if they’re not inside then they’re not the cut that throbs to get your attention anymore. Problems, goals, and just everyday thoughts just seem to blend in with the chaotic world around. I look around and everyone has their own difficulties making us all the same. Why not share, get comfort, and have someone who you can relate to?

Do you push people away? Are you too guarded? Building walls keeping people out of your life? If your answers are yes then I challenge you to stop pushing, put your guard down and tear down those walls. Just let some one get to know you and trust that good will come out of the relationship.