This I Believe

Kaitlyn - Plymouth, Minnesota
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Scrapbooking is More Than a Project

I believe in scrapbooking. I have always been a creative person, but it wasn’t till the summer of 2003 that my cousin, Ann, introduced me to scrapbooking. Ann is four years my senior and ever since we were little, I can remember sticking to her side and copying everything that she did, not because I wanted to be like her, but because we shared common interests and she happened to be the person who to introduced me to them. Ever since that summer, I have enjoyed scrapbooking and I know I will value my scrapbooks for the rest of my life.

It all started during one family Christmas when Ann gave my grandma a scrapbook composed of pictures of her grandchildren. My grandma was so excited about this gift that I decided it would be interesting for me to make a scrapbook for one of my friends. That summer, Ann showed me how to scrapbook while she was making a scrapbook for a friend. It was then that I decided since my best friend’s birthday was soon, I would make her a scrapbook. Still, when I go to her house, one of us will grab the scrapbook and flip through the pages pining over old memories that will now always be available to us through this scrapbook.

Ever since then I have been scrapbooking in whatever time I have to myself. Currently, I have three scrapbooks completed. I am also making one that is a monthly calendar of everything I do complimented with pictures from that month. My friends all think I’m crazy, but it is fun to go back to last year and remember what I did. For instance, last year today, at swim practice, we swam the hardest sprint set I have ever swum. Our goal was to swim thirty 50-yard sprints in under the time we were given. I was the only one who didn’t lie about how many I had left, so, at the end of the set, I had six left as everyone else was done. My team stood outside my lane and cheered for me as I finished my last six. Had I not written down “Goal 50s” on September 8, I would not have remembered how hard that set was for me or how good it felt to know I did it.

I also believe in finding something you love, and doing it as much as possible. For me, scrapbooking is not only about trying to artistically paste pictures and write notes on a page, but it is about remembering the moments that make my life special. I value the little things like “listening to The Cranberries on the boat at night”, “watching the homecoming court joust”, or “eating wings and pizza on the dock with Ann” and I want to be able to remember them for the rest of my life.