This I Believe

Remy - Austin, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

In your life you go through many, many changes. Changes the fit in with the cool kids, changes to better you, or maybe just a subtle, drawn out change.

You’re facing judges every single day and maybe you judge others. Whether you look “normal” or like a “nerd,” “punk,” “thug,” or any other lame label, just remember to be true. To everyone around you, be true. But most importantly, to yourself, be true.

No one wants to a clone, so try not copy too much. No one has a set image standard that you need to reach. You’re a human, not a Barbie, don’t let them change you.

We all have our quirks, don’t rid of them because someone accuses you of “weirdness.” We all have our faults because no one is perfect, don’t believe otherwise.

In high school I personally haven’t had to deal with someone trying to change me, I think I’d rather change myself than have someone else do it for me. But I have had to deal with my friends changing their image, their morals, and basically their whole personality completely just to fit in. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with them and their changes, but there is an occasional “Hi” in the hallway if they think I’m worthy of being associated in such a way.

If you’re a karaoke, Harry Potter, keeps-up-with-the news kind of “nerd,” but it’s what you love, then do what you want. If you’re a head cheerleader, preppy, epitome of perfection, closet bookworm, then don’t hide it! You are great no matter what you do.

The quote, “You are you. Now isn’t that pleasant?” hits it square in the face. No matter what you do, what you say, what you look like—you’re wonderful because you are YOU and not trying to be, act, or look like anyone else.

Laugh at corny jokes, read children’s books with happy endings, clean behind your ears and in between each toe, dance silly in front of the mirror, cry while reading a great book, write a novel, play chess, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, eat mustard sandwiches, surround yourself with the greatest people you’ve ever met. Do what makes you happy because all your quirks make you exactly who you are—you.