This I Believe

Bailey - mtn. city, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that your friends have the greatest impact in your life. Recently I became informed of a very depressing story; I wish not to use the real names of the people, so Jane (mom), Jessica (daughter), and Josh (son).Jane works with my mom, Jane told my mom that josh had graduated and was planning on going to college, he just didn’t know which one. Jane was so proud.

A few weeks ago Jane ask my mom for advice, according to Jane, Josh was running with a bad crowd, and she did not approve. Jane said that they were going to be a bad influence on Josh, and they were. A few days later Jane came home from work and Josh, said that he was moving out to go and live with his new “friends”, he also told Jane that he was no longer going to college. That broke Jane’s heart, plus he didn’t tell her where he was going, what he would be doing, but with a heavy heart she told him that if he ever needed a place to sleep and a warm meal to eat he was always welcome.

Josh was gone.

Josh’s grandfather’s 80th birthday was the next Saturday, and Josh wasn’t invited-but he went anyway. He gave Jessica a new pair of tennis shoes and some money, he also gave Jane money. She didn’t want to ask Josh where he had gotten the money, to scared the answer would be drugs. And like before, Josh was gone.

After the party, and after everyone was gone, Josh’s grandfather went outside. He prayed for Josh, he ask God to send him a sign that he was going to be alright. He looked up at the sky and he saw a shooting star. He ran back into the house to tell his wife, God told me that Josh would be okay, I ask for a sign and he sent me a shooting star.

Everyone thought, well hoped that this meant that Josh would ditch his “friends” and decide to go to college. Jane heard of the news from God, and thanked God for watching over her baby, and letting her know that he was in good hands.

Feeling happy and faithful she went to bed, only to be awaken by a parents worst nightmare…Josh had been shot and killed. Jane called my mom and told her of the event, then my mom told me, I cried, I cried hard and long, he wasn’t a bad kid, he was smart, funny and caring, he just made a bad decision.

The paper said that the motive of the murders was drugs. Jane was devastated; she felt that she had failed as a parent and that she had pushed him away from home. But the truth is that she bothered him because she loved him and cared about him. But the worst part was that his “friends” were the ones who shot him, 17 and 18 years old, so young and now their lives are ruined those boys will never see the outside world again.

Friends are the ones you go to in any situation, but Josh’s “friends” didn’t care about him, no one called to tell Jane, and none of them went to his funeral. Jane told me “those bad men took my baby and there is no way to get him back.”

Josh had goals and dreams of his own but he gave them up to follow someone else’s dream, he was going to college and he was going to make something of himself, and now the money saved for his college was used to pay for his funereal. Pick your friends wisely, make sure that they love you for you not for who they want you to be. Friends are like four leaf clovers hard to find but extremely lucky if you do.

I believe God sent the sign for a reason, Josh is in good hands and he’s hopefully in a better place.