This I Believe

Hailey - Mountain City, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

Smiling at everyone, laughing, and thinking,” isn’t this so wonderful.”

Casually you set off for the restroom in the high school cafeteria and suddenly everything changes; things that were going great now have flipped, and start going “haywire,” as you find yourself standing in front of the mirror at some unrecognizable foreign object wedged between your two front teeth like a wild animal. The public embarrassment is horrible.

When you observe another with anything stuck between their teeth, tell them, PLEASE! To prevent one of the worst things that could ever happen to an individual all one must do is simply tell that person they have something stuck in their teeth.

When we’re at an upscale restaurant, you being flirtatious, giving me “that look,” and playing footsies under the table with me, and it just so happens that I have this huge piece of spinach right between my two front teeth. Don’t pretend not to see it, just tell me, PLEASE!

When were at the movies eating popcorn and sharing a drink; holding hands, sitting close, touching shoulders, and talking sweet, don’t just ignore the fact that I have a large piece of popcorn tucked between my two front teeth, just tell me, PLEASE!

When were going for a long walk on the beach after that delicious picnic you packed for us; your holding my hand, swinging it back and forth, and then you wrap your arms around me. . Don’t pretend you don’t see that enormous piece of brownie stuck between my two front teeth, just tell me, PLEASE!

So lesson learned babe, I love you, but to save us both embarrassing awkward moments; you having to see that very large piece of “something” and me having to have it between my two front teeth for a really long time, instead just tell me, PLEASE!