This I Believe

Amanda - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Invincibility

I believe in invincibility. Invincibility is immensely hard to come by, especially when you have a life-long illness such as me. Invincibility is even tougher to maintain. But, I am invincible.

Sure my status bar of invincibility changes from very high to almost no signal at all, but it never fades away. Even through hospital visits, nurses throwing darts into my veins, and big nose old men doctors telling me what I can’t do concerning my health and even my loving yet over protective mom fussing at me what I mustn’t do. Because, I am invincible.

No-one can tell me what I can and cannot do. No-one can tell a girl who played soccer for an hour and a half out in the blistering sun, then going to play practice for another hour plus, then going home, watching television, doing homework, instant messaging, and talking on the phone all at the same time, no. No-one can tell a girl who joins the Marine Corps Jr. ROTC, who as well joined the drill team, color guard, and rifle team, while keeping up with grades, no! Now that is what really is impossible. I can do all things, anything that I put my heart and mind into. Because, I am invincible.

Despite all the don’t, no-s, never-s, impossible-s, and all forms of discouragement that are poured on top of me every time I open a health or science book, and even every time I visit the doctors, I have never been unsuccessful. Even through all of the cruel, crude, crushing, realities of my life that I have to face, I have never failed to accomplish what I wanted to do, like a rainbow never fails to show up after the rain. Now that is a promise. Because, I am invincible.

I will conquer and win the same way David defeated Goliath. I will slay the fire-breathing dragon within my body. I will continue to be alive and kicking. I will never cease to achieve and do what others believe I can’t. And I will go on being the brave soldier marching into battle with everything I have. Seems hard, but hey, I am invincible.