This I Believe

Jillian - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: gratitude

Amen. That’s how each mission trip started and ended. Amen.

Dave Bourell was the youth director of Manchaca United Methodist Church for more than ten years. He was a full-time professor at The University of Texas. If he wasn’t teaching he was most likely doing something with the youth groups or planning another awesome summer mission trip. I never saw Dave lose his cool, regardless of the situation. He was always upbeat and smiling.

It’s hard not to have respect for somebody who spends so much time with teenagers for such little compensation. Dave would put up with twenty of us for day in the car until we would get to our mission sites.

Although there were other adults Dave was always the one who spent the past few weeks planning everything; our meals and where we were going to stay especially. He had to buy all our supplies and foot too. There aren’t H-E-B’s and Home Depots on every corner of an Indian reservation.

These mission trips have always been an eye-opener for me. The appreciation from the people we helped was always so apparent. We simply painted a women’s house must yellow and she was just as happy as the guy whose house we totally re-shingled.

Sadly the 2005 mission trip ended. I took a shower when I got home and though about my shower curtain. I’m happy to have one. A woman we helped wasn’t even fortunate enough for that luxury in her bathroom.

After every mission trip I find myself appreciating what I have more, and taking les and les for granted. I never would have had the chance to experience poverty up-close if it weren’t for Dave Bourell. He’s the reason I am the way I am, the unselfishness I witnessed spending then days every summer with Dave made me realize a few things; there ARE people out there that enjoy giving up their vacation time, away from their families, to do mission work with kids. I have an enormouse respect for what Dave has showed me.