This I Believe

Nicholas - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in looking both ways before crossing the street. Sure, we’ve all crossed the street plenty of times, but we’ve all been hit a few times too.

I believe when faced with a tough decision, or any decision, you must look at both the good and the bad side. When facing a tough decision, you must look both ways before crossing that street or you may find yourself making it halfway across as the happiest man in the world and then getting slammed with the worst thing you thought possible. Just think of the situation, we have all been in it. You are having to choose sides in an argument. Well, think about the second part of the situation. Days after the decision. The part that comes back to bite you. Is this worse than the reward you get in the beginning? What I’m trying to say is, think situations all the way through, and life will be easier. I’m sorry it took me 16 and a half years to realize this after plenty of times getting hit by that second car and feeling a feeling equivalent to that of someone who just got hit by a car. Did you really just make someone that upset without even noticing? Did you really just do that?

I also believe in not getting stranded on the other side of the street. Trying to return to where you started can be twice as hard as it was to get there. The traffic has picked up and now you really need to look both ways.

I believe in sleeping in the house on the side of the road before trying to return. Trying to make snap decisions has been the death of many of my rewards in life. This one only took me about 15 years to learn, so I guess these are getting easier as we go. Sleeping in the house on the side of road helps you really understand what you are doing. Sleep on it. Your mind needs to reboot before it can move at that sort of pace again. Look left, look right run. Who’s mad, what do I win, what do I lose, lets do it. It’s all the same, you just need to think of what you are doing.