This I Believe

Clint - buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe: Obesity

The World as we know it is heavier, not by the weight of our sins, but with the weight of our fat. Why do we find it necessary to eat everything in sight? Why do we not exercise? Why are we so lazy? Would it kill us to try a little harder?

Obesity is a killer, something some people don’t understand. When you’re fat, your heart works harder, your lungs work harder, yet you still don’t burn off that super-burger that you ate for lunch. Lugging yourself around is not exercise; you can’t loose that chub just from shifting it around a little. You’re at a risk; every day could be your last. Anybody could have a heart attack, but it makes since that the harder your heart and lungs work, the easier they could fail. Do you have bad cholesterol? What about blood clots, tumors, or even diabetes. You’re more susceptible to the world around you. Why wouldn’t you be, you’re a bigger part of it. Just being overweight doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a life threatening disease, but why risk it.

Eating is a simple task that most Americans take for granted, but when do we say, “Enough”. You don’t have to finish your friend’s meal because you think it won’t taste good the next day; you also don’t have to “Grande Size” every meal or double order. The less you consume, the less you have to burn, and though you might seem hungry, it’s been proven that you could live for almost thirty days without food, even if you’re on certain exercise routines. You won’t starve. What about healthy eating? This sounds good, but when you eat six salads, ten cumquats, and drink a gallon of water, it doesn’t help; your body can’t use or burn all of that stuff.

Are you lazy? Well it’s one of your problems. Walking is a great way to exercise, but it’s only a start, and for those who think walking is hard, try a sit-up. Could you even touch your toes, without sitting down? The day is long, work is hard, you need time to relax, but getting home at six and sitting on your duff until bed, is worthless. I’m a fairly active person in life, so I’m tired when the day is done, but I still find time to do some sort of exercise, even if it’s run around with the dogs outside. Modern science has provided so many advantages to the exercise world, people who don’t have legs can still run, and bike, and swim. If they can do it, what’s your excuse? You don’t have to start at an extremely hard pace, but you have to start. An excerpt from a quote by the author Peter McWilliams says, “It’s your life, live it.”

Stand-up, better yet, jump up, do a jog, bend over, stretch yourself to do more than yesterday, try that much harder. Supplements are for the weak, help yourself, lose the flub, and be happy.