This I Believe

Ryan - buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe you should always stand up for what is right. Never just back down and let something that you think is wrong go on when you could change it. Such as someone getting hurt or bullied, stop it, or tell higher authorities who can take care of the problem.

There are people who can’t fight for themselves and need help, such as a race being exterminated in Africa by another people and nothing being done about it. There was also another “ethnic cleansing” that took place across Europe, but that one we were able to stop.

Even though a regular person can do little to defend entire races of people, they can all do little things that add up quickly. Things like donating money, blood, clothes and volunteer time. When the world trade centers were attacked there was a huge need for blood and a huge response, but after every thing settled down the blood donations started to slow to a trickle. If you are able to donate blood then you should because someone else could really use it because if you were injured and needed the blood you would get it from someone else who had already donated it.

Another thing that people need is organ transplants. I’m not telling you to run down to the hospital and tell them to take out your liver right then and there. I just don’t understand why some people don’t sign an organ donor card. I mean, if you’re already dead from a car accident or some other means and you have organs that could still be used, are you going to still need them? Thousands of people every year are setting in a hospital bed waiting hoping and praying that some organ will come along and save them, and tons of organs that could be used are just thrown away.

So if you think something is wrong do what you can to change it. We can all do something to help.