This I Believe

Brooke - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe…”

All Things considered, August 29, 2006: I believe that we should be proud about who we are and not worry about who we aren’t.

I have been in high school for almost three years now and pretty much everything stays the same. Drama, boys, body changing are all apart of high school girls. We take every minute we have to primp ourselves up for just a school day, which all we do is sit down in an uncomfortable chair and try not to fall asleep.

Waking up at 6 in the morning when school doesn’t start till almost 9 o’clock, just to get ready for school seems so unrealistic, but it’s true. We try so hard to impress others even though they just talk smack right behind our back. It’s a cruel world of girls; we’re judgmental, we criticize, we talk smack.

Remembering back to freshman year I wasn’t fully developed into my “women hood” or as others would say “the full package.” I had a flat chest, lanky body, and a jealous feeling. As I sat in my English class I remember seeing a girl who God blessed with beauty. I was jealous of her and confused on why I wasn’t the girl next to me.

Looking in the mirror every ten seconds, eyes scanning around to make sure I look as good as the girl standing in the corner, and ears opened wide to overhear cruel comments. We try so hard to impress others that we distract ourselves from being who we are.

So now two years later I look back and wonder why I was so jealous, why was I always worried about what I looked like, why did I take forever to primp for a class room of bore? Three years it took me to understand I was being someone I wasn’t. Three years it took me to understand I was worrying so much about what people thought. Three years it took me to realize God made everyone different.

I hope you pass on the same lesson I learned because knowing from experience Drama follows every girl. Define yourself don’t be defined by others.