This I Believe

Spring - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Spring Wood

This I believe

I believe that animals are just as important as people, and that people don’t respect animal’s lives as they should. I believe that Animals have a soul, just as humans do. Throughout my life, all of the animals and pets that I’ve known have been an important part of my life and they have all had very distinct personalities. Animals have an uncanny instinct to know when to comfort people if they’re upset or depressed. One common aspect that animals and humans share is that they respect the dead, whether they liked each other in life or not. If you look into the eyes of a person it’s like looking into their soul. With animals, there is no difference. Humans have certain feelings that occur at times in their life and animals share similar moods that occur at the same time in their life. When animals get pregnant, some of them become cranky just like some humans do. When one human dies, others who know that person usually become depressed and show much compassion for the dead, just like when two animals grow up together and one suddenly dies. Animal friends and family become very depressed and show compassion toward the loss of their loved ones. When a human dies, you can see the life leave from their eyes, and with animals, the case is the same.

Animals need companionship and life sustaining food and water, just like humans do. Also, have you noticed that when you stare at an animal for a long time that usually they seem to be staring back at you? Just like humans, animals can go crazy and live a horrible life if they don’t have any human or other animal companions. Just like wild humans, some animals can grow up with only a will to survive and get used to wide-open spaces, which would give them a problem with claustrophobia. Also, animals, like humans, could learn permanent bad habits like biting and fighting to get their way or to get something to eat, just to survive. I believe that animals are just as human as people are. I believe that animals have as much spirit, soul, and personality as people do. After all, we are all animals, right?