This I Believe

Paul - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


I believe everyone needs to take pride in EVERYTHING they do. Whether it is writing an essay for a radio broadcast, or just simply getting dressed in the morning.

Picture this, ladies… You are anxiously waiting for your date to pick you up for your first ever date with him. You were talking all day to your best friend about what to wear and how excited you were about tonight. You want it to be perfect!!

Finally, 8 o’clock comes ‘round and you hear the doorbell ring. You quickly call your friend and tell her to wish you luck. You then walk down the stairs, making sure you don’t stumble on the heels of the dress shoes that are going so perfectly with your outfit. You pass the open bathroom door, where you sneak one last peak in the mirror to make sure everything looks right. You get to the door; you can see his figure through the beveled glass. You reach for the doorknob and open it, adrenaline soaring through your veins like a roller coaster. You see your date there standing in front of you, in a torn apart wife beater, holey jeans, and a head of hair that looks like a rat nest.

Now for some reason, your heart just dropped. You spent so much time anticipating this perfect night that you are disgusted that he dresses so poorly for your big night. You go on the date, of course, but only so as to not look rude. But you never talk to him again afterwards. *Note to all you guys out there: Make sure you look good for your lady… Because then she’ll have a great time showin’ you off!*

One more thing that I believe guys should take more pride in is their vehicles. Guys: if you got a Mustang GT, a Camero, or a Porsche, you gotta take the time to make them things look great!! Whether it’s for a big date with that special girl or if it’s just a really big, really dirty, Texas-sized truck, then clean that sucker! That way, when you’re on the highway in your big, beautiful, 4X4 truck, all the little boys in their moms’ cars can stare up at you and begin the process of asking their mommies and daddies if they can have a truck just like yours when they’re 16. And believe me; I know those little guys will gawk at you, because I am a 17 years old and I STILL drool when I see a nice 4X4.

So guys, anytime you know that your vehicle needs some desperate attention, but you just don’t feel like taking the time, remember the little boy in the backseat of that car driving next to you, saying, “Mommy!! Mommy!! Look at that huge truck!!! … Can I have one!!!?”

So I’ll say it again guys, take pride in EVERYTHING you do.