This I Believe

Michael - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

A late March breeze blows the heavy, cloudy smoke off the battlefield. I stand with gun in arm. I look across the field that was only moment before filled with dozens of reenactors, and I realize my love and passion. My love for history began that very moment on that field, a love that has blossomed into a hobby, and shaped into a career.

As my 4th grade History teacher wisely stated, “Our forefathers searched for a perfect land and today we research it.” This quote being one of the basic principles in my life. To many, History is that class in school with too much memorization, but History is the story of life and the documented lessons for the future. Most of my life I have put all my spare money and time into something as simples as History, as a reenactor. It’s more than bookwork or memorizing times and dates, it’s an answer to the problems of the world and society. I have dedicated much of my own personal time to bringing History back to life. It’s an important thing to a young kid or family vacationing to see the cannons blazing and men drilling in columns. The spirit and power such a demonstration I have seen, cannot be said in words, or compared to the reading of a textbook.

I believe that History in a written warning sign to the world. History repeats itself in due time. In my life I have always turned to the past when confronted and confused with the problems of the present and future, and what it may hold for me. When I travel from school to school or town to town to bring history alive I see the affects with it. I grow as a person by teaching others the past. I learn about myself along the way, who I am and what I value as a human being. I discover my ideas and principles. My love for History is a quest to find myself by looking to the past. As life continues for me in future years I will leave high school and graduate college, become married, and settle down with a family, but along the way I shall never lose my passion for History. This I believe will always be my aid in the parlous adventure of life.