This I Believe

Kayla - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that many different people can change or inspire your life. No matter what they do, what they say, or who they are.

I have gone to the same church for about the past nine years. Nobody special has came to our church or has anything exciting ever happen there. Until this past year, our church got assigned a new associate pastor. At first I was like “Uh!! Big Deal!” Well it is a big deal at our church. He is the first youth minister at church and many people were excited, especially the Religious Education teachers.

Okay someone new who is going to just lecture us on what it means to be Catholic and stuff like that. Well after a few youth nights I started to enjoy the way he taught and what he taught me. He gets along with all the youth at church and that’s huge surprise to me because I have never seen that kind of relationship before between a priest and teenagers. He started to get me to believe in my religion more and I got more involved at my church. I spent a lot of time with him and he is awesome I could talk to him about anything without him judging me or pushing me to do something else.

He left this summer and I didn’t know if I can keep helping the church without him, but I still am even though he is gone. His last day here during mass at church, he said “The youth at this church has let me know what it feels like to actually be a father. I have never gotten so close to the youth at any church.” When he said that I started crying my eyes out. I didn’t think that him leaving would affect me that much or that I would affect him much and I have only known him for a year!

I believe that any thing or a list of things someone does it can really change or inspire you. The priest changed me and I changed him. I still keep in touch with him as much as I can and even though he is at College Station he still inspires me. I’m still helping at church and now I’m part of the SCYL (Santa Cruz Youth Leaders) team. I get to be part of the planning process for youth nights and I thank him for that.