This I Believe

Raul - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe people should never stop trying, no matter what others might have said, or the failures they might have encountered.

My whole life people have been telling me things like, “Stop working so hard”, “You’re never going to accomplish anything”, and “You’re too short, not big enough”. But what they didn’t understand was that it was because of those things that I had to work my butt off even harder.

Now, you will never hear me say that I’m the best, mainly because I am not. In high school, my freshman football coach, the greatest I have ever been coached by, always tried to enforce the fact that “there is always someone out there working harder than you are”. At first it didn’t impact me that much, but as time went by, that theory proved to be right.

Throughout my whole life I have never lost that mindset which he set in me. One of the greatest quotes I live by to this day was one given to, Robert Tyre Jones Jr. – also known as Bobby Jones, the greatest golfer to ever play the game – by his caddy “You can be forgiven for losing, but not for quitting, not by them mind you but by you”. That is totally true, others might forgive you for quitting and even for losing – but in the end can you forgive yourself? That quote perfectly depicts the way I approach everything I do in life, whether it may be on the field, at home, or even at school. To not give up is what I am. I may lose at times, yes, but I will never quit.

You will never see me “slack off” or “take it easy”. Why? Because the day that I do, will be the day someone else became better than I am. To be the best is what everyone should always strive to be, that way when those last days of life on this world come, there should not be one single doubt in your mind telling you “I didn’t do everything that I could”.

At 16, I know I have not accomplished anything big, but I know I will, and when that day comes there will not be excitement going throughout my whole body, tears of joy running down my eyes, or even a hint of assurance in me telling me that I’m the best. No –because I know that someone out there has just accomplished something greater than I have, and I once again am nothing.

I hope to continue to spread the same lesson to others. Never stop trying, no matter what. Not giving up is hard, I know – to put your body through immense pain and suffering to only find out in the end that someone else is better than you are. Doesn’t seem worth it does it? Well, to fail and to know that you could have prevented it – is even harder.