This I Believe

Miriam - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that your brain can be controlled by you.

As an athlete since my sophomore year I have learned that it is not always your brain that gets the privilege to control you. You can put your foot down and tell your brain, take a break because now I am in control. I wish I would have learned that earlier because it would have come in handy many times, when our coach worked us to the grave in the hot sun. Well, let me just tell you when you are outside in lets say, 100 degree whether and you can feel the sun rays tickling on your back like the fire of a stove against a pan. Your brain responds and tells your body, “You have to stop before you get burned.” This is where the part about putting your foot down comes in.

I have to tell my brain,” Listen. I know it’s hot. Yeah, I can feel that sun burning my back, and no, I can’t do anything about it but to keep going on.”

I have learned to block the unnecessary messages my brain would like to send down to my body. I will never again let my brain tell my body to quit or that it’s too tired to go on. I have learned to have the brain of a dedicated and stubborn athlete. I say stubborn because although my brain sometimes sends down the memo of a hurt leg muscle, a knee in pain, or lungs out of oxygen I overcome these memos and tell myself that I’ll be fine. The pain will go away, and that it’s all in my head. My stubbornness has worked so far because after the workout the pain floats away.

After each workout I always feel like I’ve accomplished and conquered my obstacles. Although the voice of my brain still decides to tap me on the shoulder, I have come to a compromise with it. My brain now knows that if I can get the workout done at the end I will feel better.

I will like to thank my coaches for always telling me never to listen to my brain during my workouts. I can tell you that it has helped very much. This philosophy of not letting my brain control me at all time has become a part of my everyday workout routine. I recommend my philosophy to any athlete who is ready to become a dedicated serious athlete. You can do it as long as your brain decides to butt out.