This I Believe

Megan - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

Without a positive attitude, everyone will hate you. You’ll live a lonely life, maybe with a few cats for companions, and you will ultimately die alone, with no one to mourn you. …Okay, not really. But a person who constantly has a negative attitude can be pretty tough to be around, because they don’t ever seem to look at the bright side of anything. If you don’t have any hope for the world, then what’s the point of living?

I believe it’s important to see the bright side in all things, because it can make even the hardest situation seem better. Even if the light isn’t that bright, it’s there, so there’s hope. And like they say, what doesn’t kill you can make you stronger. If you think about it, there’s almost always something good you can learn from all hardships.

If you were to tell me all this a few years ago, I probably would’ve looked at you like you were a total idiot. Maybe it was because puberty was hitting me a little hard, or what, I don’t know. But whenever something was not going exactly how I wanted it, the world was going to end! I never thought “it could be worse,” or “it’s going to get better eventually.”

For instance, if school was stressing me out, I’d think, “that teacher’s out to get me, the world sucks, I want to die.” Pretty extreme, eh? I never thought, “Hey! Life is good. I could be living in some third-world country where a girl just like me can’t even go to school.” I also had a poor self-image, and said, “I look like a cow” rather than, “maybe if I quit eating truckloads of junk food, I would lose a few pounds and be healthier.”

I realized that sitting around feeling sorry for myself was not going to accomplish anything. My situations weren’t going to get better if I kept thinking in a negative mind-set. With a change in attitude, I changed my sedentary lifestyle, “the world wants me dead” outlook, and started learning from my mistakes and hardships rather than sulking over them and getting nothing out of it.

Sure, there are times when life is hard, when life is painful, and when it’s even a challenge just to get out of bed in the morning. But a positive attitude can really make all the difference. Your life is yours. It’s up to you if you handle your life or if you let it handle you.