This I Believe

Patrick - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

The Mountains of Life

Everyone at one point in their life has something they must overcome, like a hurdle. I like to see them as mountains. Whether it’s learning how to ride a bike or fighting cancer, everyone has a mountain.

In my life, I haven’t had to climb any steep mountains like fighting cancer: but I had to watch my grandmother slowly die. She had Alzheimer’s, and barely could remember anything. Every Saturday my family and I had to visit her so she wouldn’t forget who we are. She was the rock of our family and here she is not remembering where she woke up and why she is there.

This was rough on me, and it took me a while to get over. I knew once I get over her death I would be a tougher person. Everyone once they climb their mountain comes out a different person, they could come out bad but most of the time they come out a better person with a stronger character.

These hurdles of life, these mountains, no one wants to climb them. No one makes their life crappy so they can make it better. But, everyone needs to climb a mountain. You get what I’m saying? Think about this, if you never climb a mountain you never succeed in the real world. You will never take a risk to see if there’s a reward. Do you think scientist find the cure on the first try? Well it doesn’t it takes them many, many tries. Like the surface cleaner 409, do you know why they call it 409? Because it took them four hundred and nine tries to get it right. If you don’t succeed on the first try don’t give up, keep on trying, climb that mountain.

Ok so let’s bring it back to square one. Whether it’s getting over a rough ordeal or taking a risk everyone needs to climb a mountain even if they don’t want to. Think about it as being a mountain climber. Sure their afraid, but they do it anyways. They do it not worrying about risks or things like that, and once they climb that mountain, they reach the top and feel a new satisfaction. They come out a better person when they reached the top of the mountain, than they were at the bottom of the mountain.