This I Believe

Bonnie - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I believe that optimism is the key to life.

Since entering high school, I’ve come to know myself more and more. I know when I should start homework for a certain class. I calculate in time for distractions and time for changing the music I’m listening to, if needed. I know how long I take to get ready in the morning and how long it takes me to actually wake up. I know to write things down when I want to remember something and I know to keep myself busy when I want to forget something.

I’ve come to realize in high school just how self conscious I really am. My best friend and I talk about the things we hate about ourselves. Our legs, acne, split ends. Whatever it may be, I realize we don’t usually talk about the things we love about ourselves.

Recently, my best friend pointed out to me that I’m not as optimistic as I think. That anything that deals with someone else, I am as positive as can be, but if the situation deals with me personally, I am the first to doubt myself. And I wonder why that is. Am I so uncomfortable with myself that I will believe anyone else can do anything, but I can’t? And isn’t that hypocritical of me to be pushing someone else to see the good in things when I myself can’t see it?

The thought somehow comes into my head every time that pessimism pushes through. Should I stop being optimistic about other people’s situations? Another friend told me that everyone else and myself are not the same, therefore they can’t be treated the same. But I have to wonder, are we really all that different when it comes to believing anything can happen?

But I do believe that pessimism doesn’t get you very far, even if I can hardly follow that motto myself. There is no motivation for you when you’re taking away something’s potential. How can you ever reach a dream if you keep diminishing the actual possibility of it?

I’m the first to push a pessimistic moment out of someone else’s head, and the last to recognize one in my own head.

I believe that optimism is the key to being happy, but also that it is impossible to follow that all of the time. No one is optimistic at every moment, because if they were, well, that would just be too much of a good thing.