This I Believe

Filipp - Buda, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Leave the judging to someone else!

I believe that judging people at any time is not a good way to get recognition from your friend. It is just not “cool.”

I moved to Texas one year ago, and something very interesting happened this summer when I went to a church camp in Colorado. I got assigned to a group cabin. The standards: nasty bunk, dirty floors, broken windows, broken bathrooms, broken sinks, cold showers, and of course the worst group in camp. It might not be your standards but it always happened to be mine. Anyways, once the guys from my group found out I came from Texas; let’s just say words and phrases like “giddy-up” and “howdy ya’ll” became a priority on the list of most commonly spoken terms. It was very clear of what the dudes in my cabin thought of Texas; cowboys, longhorns, Indians, and the western accent. But in reality, I saw none of that in my one year that I lived in Texas, now probably some of the people that lived in Texas longer might disagree, but the boys from camp never been there, therefore I could easily say that I know more than them and my statement is most certainly true.

Judgment was passed on me, and it happened to be wrong. Many times judgment is wrong and it also can hurt. Of course what they said did not affect me because I know they were just kidding, but when a person sees another person that is not like him, the first person places him into his mental cast. “I will not be caught affiliating with him,” or “oh, how I wish I could be friends with him.” Considering that all people are equal, some just have more money and friends than others, I realized that as I looked at all the people around me, and realized that there are a lot more people than I will ever see in my life, I saw in every one including myself something unique in how we look and act. These unique nesses aren’t supposed to be laughed at, these uniqueness’ are what makes all of us different.