This I Believe

Taurean - Kyle, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I Believe In The Rules Of Music.

Without the rules of music, there is no music…

Music is my life and soul and I don’t know what I would do without it. Music is the base of everything in my life. When im walking down the block listening to my iPod, I can name all the notes and different dynamic changes in the music. My brain is so flushed in music, I start to harmonize everything I here. I sometimes even make up my own musical masterpieces in my head, and It’s just like your in the middle of a huge symphony with the violins, brass, woodwinds, and your grand Piano. Being in the Jack C. Hays Rebel band, I am always constantly daydreaming when Mr. Gibbs tells us to play a certain piece in our show music. I dream of another piece of soothing, connecting, smooth, uplifting music and I try to match it up with what I’m jamming out on my Tenor Saxophone. Then when I wake up, and Mr. Gibbs looks at me saying, “ Taurean don’t do that, read your dynamics, vocalize!” He was right, we were playing music that was Staccato, and I was in my little world playing legato and thinking of Peterloo Overture. Without the rules of music, pieces wouldn’t sound great and have there distinct style and presence.

I believe in the rule to Warm-up. The blowing, plucking, buzzing, tapping of a musical instrument to get ready for that wonderful arrangements of notes and dark dynamics. When you warm up, you decide if your key to the huge treasure fits perfectly and isn’t to sharp, or isn’t to flat. Your key might be broken and what a appropriate time to fix this problem in the simple ear wrenching of warming up.

I believe in the rule of length. The holding and ending of that vibrational mysterious sound of pure richness that comes from each and every person. This makes, “ Row, Row, Row, your boat” sound like a piece from Bach if used perfectly by everyone. Length of these notes can be smooth, long, close notes that can be easily thrown into a praise and worship set of music. These notes can also be short and separated like similar notes in “The Candy Man”, a pop up top jazzy piece of music that’s main rule is to smack every note late and give those notes a lot of space! I believe in the rules of length.

There’s a lot more that I have left out in the wonderful rules of music because I have to stay in the

350-500 mark, so here’s the most important rule of music that I love. I believe in the rules of dynamics. Those oh so sweet crescendos in those weight lifting measures that make you wonder and think about your life, dreams, and ambitions. When I hear a long crescendo in a piece of music that leads up to a fortississimo, I close my eyes and take a huge breath and then the rush of goose bumps washes allover my body. It’s the most wonderful earthly thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. One of my favorite crescendo is a piece called, “ Vesuvius” by Frank Ticheli. In the middle of this piece everything is very quiet and relaxed and legato. Then it leads up with brass instruments adding in ever y measure getting louder, about the 5th group of brass the whole band, plays a loud uplifting note and it makes you get goose bumps allover your body. I believe in the rules of music it’s just so awesome. I hope to major in music performance and share my rules with everyone and spread the word of god. Go Christ.