This I Believe

Scott - Carrollton, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: question, science

Growing up, I always loved traveling to my aunt’s farm tucked between Oklahoma and Arkansas. The trip there wasn’t all too thrilling but when we exit the turnpike and drive the last fifteen minutes on an old dirt road, all of the weariness and car sickness goes away. It is probably my favorite place on Earth due to its never-ending lush green tree tops and the scent of nature always surrounding you. It was a tradition at the farm to get out my uncle’s telescope and gaze into the beauty of space. Moving from planet to planet, constellation to constellation, I sensed my insignificance compared to the infiniteness of space. It made me feel that it was almost impossible that we were alone in this universe. And for this, I believe in aliens.

Sure we’ve all seen the fantastic exploits of Captain Kirk and his crew. Flying throughout space, fighting aliens, and charting the unknown, but could all of that be real? Consider this, aliens on unknown planets anticipating the right moment to conquer and enslave us all? Even though the movies play on our unreasonable demise, there is still the likelihood of a highly intelligent race of “aliens” somewhere off in the distance. This chance or probability would most likely look more rational with one night beneath the stars. That night was my night. The night where I finally realized that the earth is in fact not the center of the universe, but a speck on an incomplete map of the cosmos.

I have always believed that God put us on this planet for a reason and to me, I find it really hard to believe that he didn’t do the same for other planets. If a god does exist, why would he waste all of that space and only give life to one planet?

Looking at the stars and feeling insignificant really made me question if life exists on other planets. I decided that since the universe is always expanding and there is no end in sight, there has to be life on other worlds. For what other purpose would a universe have? If you don’t see my things my way, then just take an hour or two and gaze into the stars. Eventually you’ll start believing in aliens, too.