This I Believe

Laura - Carrollton, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

I believe in happy times that will never spoil. I believe in a family that will always stay together, no matter what hardships come their way. I believe in a family that will never part, not even to illness.

Most people have some type of sickness: high blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetics. My mom wasn’t exactly healthy but she wasn’t unhealthy either. She has high blood pressure and cholesterol. When it came time for her to go to a check up, the doctor told her something in her heart looked weird and that they would have to look at it more carefully. The doctors thought the problem might have been her veins. The heartbeat also sounded different when they checked it. The doctors did an EKG test on her a few days later. It turned out she had heart disease. Her veins differ from others, so the doctors operated on her right away. The surgery took about three hours to finish.

When my dad came home, he told me what had happened. Up to that point, I only knew she went to the hospital because her heart had a little problem. I didn’t know a surgery needed to take place. He said that she needed to stay the night and we could visit her when she got out of the recovery room.

When my dad, sister, and I went to visit her later in the evening, I saw my mom with lots of needles in her and she seemed exhausted and in a little bit of pain. We stayed with her for a while, and then we went home to let her rest. That night my dad told me that the doctors couldn’t imagine her living right now. Turns out that her veins were clogged up to 95%. It seemed very unlikely that she could still be alive right now. At that point I realized how close I had come to almost losing my mom forever. She had always been there and never in really bad shape except for her high blood pressure. I couldn’t imagine her not here with me, ever again.

The next day, the doctors told her she could go home. My dad went to pick her up. He called me and said she needed to stay a little a bit longer and he would come home in a few minutes. I had a doctor’s appointment and he had to take me. In the car he told me to expect the worst in life and to be prepared for whatever is to happen. I thought about it a little while and it came to me: mom was going to die. She was going to leave me. Around the evening, we went again to visit her. The doctors wanted to do a CAT scan. The doctors wanted to make sure the surgery went along fine and nothing had happened. After the CAT scan, she could go home. I almost jumped up and down in joy when I heard the news. She was able to come home and she was going to stay with me.

Later on, I looked back and saw how much everything had changed. I look at life in a whole new different way. I used to see life as though nothing would separate my family and me, like nothing could ever go wrong. Now I see where things do go wrong and they happen everyday, only sometimes people might decide not to see or hear of them. Nothing will ever be picture perfect. I now realize something very important. Everyone needs to treasure every moment they have with the ones they love, make the best out of it, no matter what you have with you. I now believe I must make the best out of everyday.