This I Believe

Evan - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


I truly believe that a close dead relative helps you through the hurdles of life, at least that has been my 64 years of experience in life. When I was in South Vietnam in ’67 to ’68 with a Sri Lankan cover rock band, entertainig the US troops, we had several close calls with death. Moreover, when our agent refused to give a reasonable salary raise after 3 months, 3 shows a day 7 day work week, I decided to walk out of the agent’s house the band lived in Saigon. Strangely, the rest of the band members followed me in silence to the war torn downtown of Saigon, with hardly any money, no musical instruements or return airline tickets, no place to live and no one to talk to. Nevertheless, the rest of the band members, who were younger than me, trusted my guidance even though I was clueless and scared hell at 25 years. Surprisingly, three weeks later we met another agent right in the middle of the Saigon road, and signed a contract that paid twice the last contract. This I believe, is not just a coincidence, but my brother guiding me to the lady agent who happened to be standing right next to me in the middle of the island. She asked me if I am from a band and then when I mentioned the band’s name, she said she has seen us live on Good Morning America TV show that was relayed to all the US bases. Later, I operated a restaurant in Minneapolis for nearly 25 years and during rough times my late brother always showed me the way out. When tsunami struck Sri Lanka, my native land, on December 26th 2004, I was helpless in Minneapolis watching horrible images on Nightline ABC TV. Then, two times in a row withing a week I received a message in a fortune cookie that stated “This is a good times to consider formally helping others” at a Chinese restaruant I dine often. On January 1st 2005 I founded the orgsnization and took 115 American volunteers on five separate trips to Sri Lanka past year and helped rebuild 55 homes, a community center, a playground and bonded with the truamatized tsunami victim children in our chosen village. I am certian most of us have at one time or other in our lives given gifts to our friends, and or relatives at annual events and in return felt pretty good about it. However, when you give just a toothbrush or a pencil to a little girl who has lost everything to a natural disaster, and then witness her wide beautiful smile, the feeling is priceless. And then my foundation rebuilt 54 homes for these children. I thank my dead brother for guiding me to help the most vulnerable and showing me the true meaning of life, to contribute to the happiness of the less fortunates, and especially to the children who are always the victims of man made and or natural disasters, and this I truly believe.