This I Believe

Rachel - Carrollton, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I was about fourteen and a half when my parents set me loose upon the world for the first time. To this day, I still do not understand what compelled them to decide that sending their daughter to South Korea to visit relatives was a good idea. I certainly didn’t think it happened to be very genius, because they decided to send me alone overseas, and I hadn’t been on a plane since I turned five years old. Little did I know that when I agreed to travel, it would learn a monumental lesson. So on the day that was set for my departure, I came equipped with nothing more than my necessary items, a laptop for contacting my friends, and five hundred dollars was to last for two and a half months. However, I had a problem… I didn’t speak Korean.

That is how I came to find out that congeniality is a universal language. When I first met my aunt in the airport, I was unsure how to act, since we both spoke limitedly in each other’s language. I felt awkward but my aunt broke the barrier by putting a hand on my shoulder and smiling at me. I still acknowledge that act to be more reassuring than words alone. About a day after I met her, I met my grandparents and my other aunts and uncles, and I left with my mother’s youngest sister to live at her house. I tried my best to be congenial by smiling and being friendly with my young cousins. They were very accepting of me and I quickly developed a strong relationship to them. We understood each other and we learned what annoyances we had, and what we enjoyed. I kept them happy and they kept me happy.

Because of my congeniality, my stay in Korea was very enjoyable. Even though there were numerous differences between their culture and American culture that could have caused a multitude of barriers. Congeniality can be the strongest language on earth. It has become a universal language because all humans have emotions, and can relate to it. The power of being congenial is limitless. It can end wars, prevent crime, and cause endless happiness. No other language has had such a great impact on society. I believe that everyone should be bilingual in the language of congeniality.