This I Believe

Amber - Carrollton, Texas
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

My Everything

I believe that God always pursues our immortal souls. No matter how far we may turn from Him, He will always hold our hearts. God has an unfathomable amount of power, and only He can ever know the mysteries of the world. I believe if we want to live an eternal blissful life, we need to turn around and look to Him. I believe that no matter what, all you need is God. I just needed to realize that.

For twelve years of my life I turned my back on God. I had a superficial view of a belief of God, and I knew of Him but I never truly knew Him. Believing in Him was never my struggle. Living the way He wanted me to was my fight.

Every Sunday in church I would recite the drilled prayers that I’d memorized from my religious education classes like the “Apostles Creed”, and every time, the same monotonous priest would drone on about the same subject. Church back then became a hazard to me, and not a privilege like its purpose. I would hate to go and would do everything in my power not to. Purposefully, I would plan sleepovers on Saturday nights so that I wouldn’t have to go to church. The excuses sometimes worked but most of the time they didn’t, so I would begrudgingly go and during the service I would fall asleep in my chair. I never learned anything! I didn’t realize it until my friends and I discussed religion in class, and I couldn’t tell them one fact about Jesus. After that I felt ashamed and knew something had to change.

Soon after, my family decided to find a new church. At first it was miserable, I felt a comfort at St. Catherine’s and I felt afraid to relinquish that comfort, but I knew I had to. Even with the stressful and burdensome tasks of moving churches, it evolved into the best decision of my life.

After a few months we found a church. Though at first we were hesitant, in the end we fell in love. We’ve gone to that same church for the past three years and I am still learning about the graciousness of God. Today I am a stronger Christian, believer, and I became the daughter He has always wanted. My faith has grown immensely but not yet perfect; I still struggle with portraying the life He wants me to lead. I have faltered and will falter for the rest of my days, but now I know that God will always come and raise me up.

My Heavenly Father. My protector. My beginning and end. My savior. My friend. My body. My soul. My heart. My world. My dream. He is my everything, and I truly believe that now.