This I Believe

William - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Entered on September 8, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65


I believe in the mission of learning why

Of understanding where

Of knowing who

And of doing.

I believe in Homer and Whitman,

Beethoven, Verdi, and Bach.

I do not believe in life without Shakespeare.

I believe in basking in the presence of beautiful women

And in the soft grace of touch, every gentle touch.

I believe in the Declaration of Independence

And in all of its self-evident truths.

I believe in the value of mercy over money

And in the fight to assure compassion prevails.

I believe in the end-around, the fielder’s choice,

The curve of binding energy and the gaits of horses.

I believe also in the wisdom of evolution

Which tells us creation is not over

And will never be over.

I believe in the purity of wildlands

And in the calls of elk and cranes.

I believe in the illusions of a spinning planet

Over which the sun comes and goes in majesty.

And when the glory of the sun wanes

And night settles on the land

I place my faith in the exquisite mystery

Of the blackness between stars

From which all that is in us and around us

Somehow derives:

The laughter of children

The blossoms of orchids

The chemistry of air

The eyes of whales

And the beauty of you.

In all of this I believe.