This I Believe

Christopher - St. Petersburg, Florida
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

As a new round of campaigning encroaches on my day to day through all the medias I participate in I believe that I grew up in a in a world full of fear and aggression.

As a child under the watch of Ronald Reagan the discussion I knew was one of immediate nuclear destruction and a need for a new world order. My father always told me to not fear this condition that it would never happen. While my Grand parent’s generation learned they had done the right thing in WW II, my parents learned to duck and cover, post war, in the event of an attack. And raised their own children; very weary as two more wars ate their children, the lives of strangers and our resources. In an effort to export values simply not in keeping with the values learned in the kitchen. But as it is harder to not believe in our leaders than it is to believe dissension and criticism was not appreciated and brought forward a generation bent on creating a world where all were welcome. Followed by my generation; learning America had the right to protect had the right to spend to an unsustainable level in an effort to maintain our place in the world. Learned that our appetite for consumer goods was a birth right a citizens obligation; that consumption was a sign that our nation was healthy. And it is this last point which I believe has allowed a generation and a half to grow soft and unaware, allowed that generation to fear the loss of goods and position. And has allowed a generation and a half; a gluttonous relationship to the bounty of this earth. A 20% turn out at the polls unaware of the language and actions which is reshaping, slowly, the content and the values of a nation, which at one time believed all it’s citizens had a right to an education. I believe this generation has given in to the value of ignorance of being taken care of, of self reliance to the detriment of all others. I believe they have accepted the name change used by the print media, the political media; from citizen to consumer. I believe we have abdicated our responsibility to the pleasures of our tong and the shiny new presented on the screen.