This I Believe

Rachel - charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Bertha, lying on her death bed as the last minutes of her long life slipped away, looks back and reflects upon her years. Did she have a happy life? Did she accomplish what she dreamed of? Reminiscing about her youth, Bertha recalls the strict home life in which she grew up. Her parents always enforced a strong academic lifestyle demanding that she made school work her top priority. They failed to notice, however, their daughters amazing singing talent and the passion she felt for making music. Through out school, bertha always put her passion second to her parents’ wishes. After college she took a wonderful job at a law firm and continued to live her life around her parents’ expectations for success. One day a friend told her about a great women’s ensemble and she felt delighted. As she prepared to leave the office the day of her audition, her boss requested she stay late for an emergency meeting. In that moment, her parent’s voices came flowing back to her head. Again she put achievement before passion; she missed her audition.

Now as she lays dying in her bed she feels an emptiness from lack of music in her life. Even though she had led a highly successful life, she would die unfulfilled because she did not do what she truly loved.

Fate limits our time on this planet and I believe we have best fulfilled our lives when we can die knowing we lived doing what we loved. I celebrate my life by surrounding myself with my friends and family and surrounding myself with photography and nature because these things make me happy.

This I believe, that we should not model our lives after Bertha but instead celebrate our passions by involving them in our everyday lives.