This I Believe

Celia - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“All you need is friends, love and self-confidence. You aren’t who you want to be without your friends, you can’t be happy without love. And most of all you can’t get out of bed in the morning unless you have the confidence in yourself to know that you can make today something other than a waste of a good hair day.”

I can agree with the Beatles in this case, all you really need is love. Love from other people who know the real you, friends. Love from a special someone. And love for yourself, your self-esteem and confidence. Love conquers all.

The typical love story has been crushed, demolished and revamped by Paramount and other production companies who base their “love stories” on fantasy. Girls today have such high expectations for their love lives. True love isn’t a movie, or a script or anything, it’s real. Love can be anything, not every single “scene” has to go as planned.

You can fall, or stutter, but it’s real to you. I believe that Hollywood has ruined life as we know it for Americans; in body image, in style, in personality and relationships. Friendships have been scarred forever, now every girl dreams of having a skinny supermodel for a best friend instead of the average girl next door. And I can’t tell you how many teenage girls out in the real world have developed eating disorders just trying to fit in. Jokingly, on a Family Guy episode, Meg, the daughter, asks a group of girls if she can go throw up with them. This stunned me, the fact that a writer would actually put something like that on a television show.

In boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, pressure is on the guys to be able to drive and bench 250 pounds or something ridiculous like that. No room is left for the geeks, or average boys. Love doesn’t have to be a perfectly made couple, a Barbie and a ken. It’s normally people being someone’s everything. It’s simple but Hollywood makes it so complicated.

Love for yourself is so hard to come by. Constantly there is someone telling you that you aren’t good enough for them. But if you can honestly wake up in the morning and say “I am who I am and that’s all you get.” has it made. Self-confidence is the key to happiness, before you can love someone else you have to love yourself inside and out. Deal with your flaws, because nobody is perfect.

“A show of envy is an insult to oneself.” -Yevgeny Alexandrovich Yevtushenko