This I Believe

Catherine - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

After much debate and deep thought, I finally decided to finish my final year of elementary school at Beverly Woods. I had wanted to go to Olde Providence since third grade, and finally got accepted through the lottery just in time to go for fifth grade. Finally my wish had come true. However, something was holding me back from saying yes right away. I call that something my gut instincts. Following my gut instincts has helped me many times throughout my life.

Olde Providence had a reputation of being an amazing school, and my best friend just switched from Beverly Woods to go there. I put my name in the lottery, hoping I would get in too. However, I had to wait two years before I finally got accepted. After waiting and hoping for so long, I thought the decision to go there would be an obvious yes, but for some reason there was a little voice in the back of my head telling me to wait before I made my final decision. I could not believe that I had finally gotten what I wanted, and now I didn’t even know if I would accept it or not. I think it was my gut instincts telling me that it just was not the right decision.

My mom and I spent the entire summer talking it over trying to make the decision that would be the most logical and make the most sense for me. I thought about all the pros and cons of either going to Olde Providence or staying at Beverly Woods, but that turned out to not be very helpful because they came out even. I kept telling myself that I should go to Olde Providence because that is what I had wanted for so long, but something inside would not let me. It took me a long time to make my final decision, but in the end I decided to stay at Beverly Woods. My gut instincts led me to make my final decision. This decision turned out to be one of the best ones in my entire life. Fifth grade, even to this day, I enjoyed more than any other year in school. I had amazing friends and we had the best times together. I got the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. with my class, a field trip I will definitely never forget. I have so many good memories from fifth grade, and looking back, I know it would not have been the same if I had gone to Olde Providence. My instincts led me to make the right decision.

Teachers always tell you to follow your gut instincts on tests, so I believe you should do the same in life. Following my gut instincts and staying at Beverly Woods turned out to be the right one, just like following your instincts on a test and picking the right answer. They always say to follow your gut instinct because they are usually right, and I strongly agree with this statement because of the first hand experience I’ve had with it.