This I Believe

Alicia - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Live everyday like it’s your last, love every breath like it’s your first, and make everyday one to remember. One should not consider life a spectator sport and it could all end tomorrow. Second chances in life do not exist. You only have one chance to show everyone in your life that you love and respect them just the way they are. Why not make everyday the best it could be?

I am 16 years old and have a whole lot more to experience in life. I don’t plan on holding back and asking questions like “what if”. I plan on moving forward and embracing new things. Too many people restrict themselves because damaging their future is a fear of theirs. I believe more people should live their life instead of always thinking of the consequences. For example, everyone has a list of things they want to do before they die and many of them go undone because of various reasons. Some tend to say “oh I can do that on my 30th birthday” but that 30th birthday may never come along.

I believe people should love and respect each other just like they would want someone to love and respect them. People take for granted every second they get to spend with someone, so while the ones you care about it are still alive make the memories ones to remember and treat them kindly just as you would want them to treat you; the reward of doing this is much greater than you may be able to see. You may only get one chance to show that person you care about them.

My grandmother lost her first love and husband of 27 years to an unexpected heart attack in 1974. The day that he died my grandmother and grandfather got into a fight and they said some things to each other that they both regretted. However, my grandfather died before they got the chance to make up and tell each other that they love them. They both regretted the fight, and my grandfather left the house so they could both have some time to cool down. They would wait till later in the day to make up and say they were sorry.

However, my grandfather died suddenly and having not told him she was sorry before he died will be something my grandmother will have to live with the rest of her life.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason although we may not be able to determine that reason at times, there is one there. Don’t try and control your life when God has a plan for you and knows exactly what is going to happen. Live your life freely and open to new things, don’t hold back or expect things to be handed to you. Work for what you need and fight for what you want, but live everyday as if it were the last. I believe in living my life with no regrets, no shame, and no fear for what tomorrow might bring. Life offers more important things than to worry all the time, so loosen up and enjoy what life has to offer.