This I Believe

Emily - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

She always had her false teeth in, with bright red lipstick and her snow-white hair perfectly combed back. I can never think of a moment of silence or a moment of sadness around her. My inspiration, Louise Dagenhart, who died at the age of 89. She instilled the many beliefs that I live by, in my heart the day I was born. As a widow most of her life, she faced many challenges. She did nothing other than overcome them, without a complaint, without a frown. I remember sitting at her house one night watching afternoon cartoons. She came in the room and sat down beside me. For about 10 minutes she sat with me watching television, you could hear only her oxygen tank; every 3 seconds make a tiny beep, like a mouse that scurried around the house. She finally looked at me and said, “Emily darling, if you learn one thing from me, please let it be that you can do anything you put your mind to.” From that day on, every time I begin to doubt myself, I think of the many thinks my Granny overcame in her life. She raised 3 children without a husband, ran a farm, and cooked every single meal with her own hands. However I know of nobody else who can cook more appetizing fried chicken, it tasted just like Kentucky Fried Chicken. The state of mind your body has, your determination, and your desire all create the person you become. However the rich and most popular do not live the highest quality of life. The ones who can look back and say, “I wouldn’t take anything back or do anything different,” do. Sometimes that risk may be worth taking, even if you fail. Failure only leads to learning. Learning only leads to growing. Since I have grown up in a strong Christian family, my beliefs all lead back to one thing, Christ. Christ has brought us here to serve him and others. He empowers us to do anything that we set our mind to. Through him, all things are possible. Celebrate life for what it is; don’t make yourself into someone you don’t wish to be. All in all, you are who you create to be.