This I Believe

Frank - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: morality

“This I Believe” Essay

What makes a man(and a woman) what he(she) is? Some researchers in fields of human study might credit instincts and what we are born with to show us how to act. Others might favor that which we learn and the knowledge we gain in life. I favor the latter, specifically the morales and beliefs we have been taught by the ones around us including our friends, family, and teachers at school. Those lessons taught to us at an early age, as well as those that we develop into our more mature years of life, shape the person we are and how we live our day to day lives as well as dealing with the unexpected. My focus will be on how I learned my morales and beliefs, and some examples of them.

My family more than anyone else taught me a wide spectrum of morales and continues to. They are the ones that showed me right from wrong and the consequences of bad actions. Although teachers and friends do show me morales from time to time, I credit my parents over anyone with whom I became.

I started out my childhood with a positive religious structure as a Catholic, going to church every Sunday. When I attended Sunday School, my mother and father taught the class on occasion and showed me those morales and beliefs that I needed to follow as far as my faith said. Although, my religious beliefs did not fulfill all of the morales I needed.

My parents, outside of church, taught me such lessons as ‘what comes around goes around,’ and ‘always enjoy life to the fullest.’ In addition to those, they taught me the importance of work ethic telling me “When you can play . . . play . . . but when you need to work . . . you work.” A lot of their lessons seem to be very short and to the point, as you can see in this quote, but got the point across and ultimately helped me find myself.

I also developed a skill of creating my own morales out of what they taught me. For example, I believe that people cover their true selves with a type of mask, if you will, and in certain situations those masks can be stripped of them. Most of the time those situations can be very strenuous and life threatening and they have no time to put on a guise. Recently I viewed a film called Tough Guise. This movie is a kind of documentary about the “masks” that men put on in everyday life that has been taught to them through social pressures.

I hope that through this personal essay you have found some part of me that interests you and that you know me better through my morales.