This I Believe

Carly - Golden Valley, Minnesota
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay:

Everyone Wants Happiness

People live different lives in order to achieve the same thing: happiness. Happiness is a common factor that all are in search of. Yet, happiness can be found in many different places through different means. To some, happiness may be achieved in the afterlife; so, they spend all of their time on Earth following a path in order to eventually find happiness. They will sacrifice immediate happiness in order to have happiness in the end. Religion isn’t the only time people sacrifice immediate happiness. Goals often push people to find happiness through their goal. By accomplishing their goals, people assume that they will find happiness. I go to a school that pushes education through college. I am constantly told to sacrifice my time now in order to get into a great college. I am told it will all be worth it in the end. If I work hard now, I can have fun later. I am pushed to sacrifice my social life, for a great life as an adult.

However, others find happiness in the here and now, and they live their lives in order to find happiness in every moment. This concept isn’t saying that some people never have fun now while others only have fun. These are two ends of the “happiness spectrum.” People fall somewhere in between. I love enjoying a greasy cheeseburger and French fries, with no care of how it will alter my weight. It’s important to appreciate these simple moments of joy, and love them, rather than limit them.

The whole concept of finding happiness varies from person to person. Sometimes, people perceive happiness to mean other things: money, good works, or faith in God. Certain body images can drive some to anorexia or bulimia just to achieve happiness. These perceptions are not a guaranteed goal to happiness, though to some it maybe. They often give a false sense of hope, and when happiness isn’t achieved when the goals is, problems occur. Happiness doesn’t come when you want it; rather it comes when you least expect it. One of my best days was when I was just hanging out on a gloomy Sunday with my parents. I didn’t have elaborate plans with friends, rather I was just at home, and I was able to just enjoy the good in my life—the happiness in my life.

In my opinion, it’s about living a balanced and healthy life. Enjoy the moments, but plan for the future. Look around truly appreciate all that you have. Enjoy the warm summer breeze, or the beautiful white snow. Enjoy the special me time you have in a day, or the great times spent with others. Be thankful of all that you have, and wish for more, and happiness will come, in some form or another.