This I Believe

Laila - Charlotte, North Carolina
Entered on September 7, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

We are a bunch of spoiled rotten babies, myself included. We complain about everything, about how much we study, how much our car cost, as well as everything in between. We get so wrapped up in the high school scene, we fall into peer pressure and we become willing to do anything to become popular, even if it means breaking our morals. We try to grow up too fast for our own good.

It really bugs me when I hear about people I knew in middle school and how mean they they can be to each other. I think back to three years ago, back in the middle school days, and everyone was friends, no one put anyone down. But as soon as we became high school students we slowly learned that if someone it’s different than you, or if someone’s jeans only cost fifteen dollars, in comparison to your one-hundred and fifty dollar jeans, its ok to make fun of them. It’s like it has become socially acceptable to put people down. That’s just not right.

Another thing I believe in is youth. We’re a bunch of sixteen, and seventeen year olds who know nothing about anything. We try and grow up too fast. I understand that as we get older we receive more responsibility but that doesn’t mean we need to act like we’re fifty years old. I think that it’s ok to go dance in the rain every once in a while, or watch Saturday morning cartoons. We are only kids for a few more years, and we need to take advantage of that and realize that, yes, it’s ok to have days where you act like your five.

I really think our generation is wasting its great potential. Instead of volunteering, or helping out the community, people go out and blow five-hundred dollars on a pair of endangered Nigerian monkey skinned boots because that’s what Pairs Hilton wore last night in the MTV Video Music Awards. Our parents raised us to be a valuable member of society. We used to be like clay being slowly molded into the people we have become. I believe that we should do as much to help society as possible because this is the only world we’re going to have and we need to do all we need to do to keep around a little longer

I believe that we need to stay the youth of today, and the adults of tomorrow. But that’s how it should stay until “tomorrow” comes. We need to remain ourselves and hold true to our beliefs no matter what people think, because you are always going to be you, and that will never change.