This I Believe

Andrew - Seminole, Oklahoma
Entered on September 6, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: setbacks, sports

I believe bad things happen for a reason. I believe I blew out my knee for a higher purpose. There I was, the summer before my senior year. This was supposed to be my time. I was on top of the world, I thought I could do anything, anytime, and anywhere I wanted. Boy! Was I wrong. I was rudely awakened one June morning by a fall in the early minutes of a summer league basketball game. After that, my life was going to be different for the next six months. I couldn’t even walk without having someone or something to rely upon. I lost all the control I thought I had. I had to lie in bed and exercise my leg for eight hours a day and I couldn’t do anything else. I believe my injury and subsequent rehab happened to show me that I’m not in control and that God has a plan for me and it will be followed whether I like it or not. It also showed me that I need to give my all at everything right now, because tomorrow is not promised to me. I used to think life was all about doing whatever I wanted to do and that I had forever to take care of things. But now I see that I can only live one day at a time and that doing things that aren’t solely for me is a lot more rewarding. Already, I’ve been working harder than ever to get rid of this “weakness” and get back on the court. Every time I see a basketball court or a basketball, I want to go right away and start playing, but I know I have to keep working hard to get ready. Besides all of the pain and boredom I went through, some good has also came from my injury. I’ve come to see that my situation could be much worse than it is through people with similar experiences that I have met. I met a gentleman who still receives shots daily because of his knee, an OU football player whose entire season is lost, and a friend whose injury caused her to miss her regional finals her senior year. All of these people and others have shown me that everything is not as bad as it seems most of the time and that if I stay strong and keep pushing forward then I will succeed. They helped to put my injury in perspective and to not feel sorry for myself. This is why I believe bad thing happen for a reason.