This I Believe

Lauren - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on September 5, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, love

I believe in the power of music. Of all forms of comfort and happiness, music is the simplest yet most unfailing way to express emotion or convey feelings. Hearing a good tune can make any bad situation better. I know this in personal ways. Music has affected me and led me to be the person I’ve become. But also, I’ve seen music affect others. I’ve seen people who are hopeless and depressed and after hearing the sound of music, suddenly seem happier. One such incident happened about a year ago and since that moment, I have believed ever more strongly in music’s power.

Last spring break, I was with a musical theater ensemble group that I am a member of and we were flying to Canada to see the world premier of the Broadway show of The Lord of the Rings. Part of the small percentage of the passengers not part of our group was a cancer patient and his family. We found out after a short conversation that the family was on a trip with The Make a Wish Foundation. The young boy was obviously nervous and scared about the inevitable.

It was then that our director came up with the idea of singing a song to the boy as a sign of hope for him and his family. Of course, all of us eagerly agreed to participate (but then again when would a musical theater lover ever turn down an opportunity to perform?). So later in the flight, the stewardess announced over the speaker who we were and we sang “May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You” to the boy.

When the song was finished and we saw the expression on the boy’s face, I realized that what we had in musical talents to offer was so much more than a great performance. With our talents, we had the power to touch people. With music, we had the power to ease people’s pain. Music is the medicine people go their whole lives searching for. I believe in the power of music.