This I Believe

Abbey - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on September 5, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of silence. It is said to be true that to be completely comfortable with someone you must be able to sit together in silence. Every wants that one best friend that laughs at all the same things as you, can read your mind with one look out of the corner of their eye, or doesn’t think that the weird things you do are all that weird. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to cultivate that deep of a relationship. Other people, like me, are the lucky ones that get to find that person early and share more years with them. My best friend and I are fortunate enough to exist in that rare relationship, to live in that unique world, to shard that sought after bond.

I realized this when my friend was having another bad day, in a long period of turmoil in her life. I knew she was upset so I went to her house to see what I could do or say to help her. I walked in the door to find her sitting in an arm chair, wrapped in a fleece blanket. Instead of asking her what was wrong, I simply sat down next to her. As we sat there in silence I realized there was no need to fill in words of explanation or offer words of advice. She did not expect me to fix what was broken and most likely I couldn’t have. All she needed was my presence, my being, me.

By the time I left, whatever seemed to be plaguing her had passed. It was just one of those days where you sigh and say it’ll be fine tomorrow. But for me that silence spoke volumes. However much I helped her to get through her bad day, she helped my even more. Without words she let me know that just me was enough. I didn’t have to make her laugh, offer sage words of wisdom, or solve a problem that has no solution. All she needed was me. All she needed was the silence of friendship.