This I Believe

Aden - Pflugerville, Texas
Entered on September 5, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

I believe in the power of unconditional love. I still hold onto the hope that my pets love me, and it has nothing to do with the kibble in my hand. I know my parents love me unconditionally, and I have tested that theory many times in the past. It wasn’t until this last year that learned exactly how this concept works.

Every couple has the “would you love me if” discussion. It usually occurs while the buzz of new love is in the air. ‘Would you love me if I get cancer. Would you love me if I got really fat. Would you love me if I started to enjoy reality television.’

We say ‘would you love me’, but what we really mean is ‘would you deal with me’. Would you be able to handle the sickness, the stress and the fact I may become someone totally different.

My boyfriend has changed a bit since I first met him. Sure he still has a great singing voice, beautiful eyes, and geeky tendencies that make me giddy. What he doesn’t have is his eye sight. He is fighting with his body to get it back. During this battle I have become more than just a girlfriend. I have become a caregiver, a taxi and a cheerleader. It is that last hat that seems to fit the tightest.

We are talking about a guy who has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for as long as I have been born. Someone who read every chance he got. An avid movie goer, and TV watcher. He has lost the ability to do what he loves, and has lost some of his independence. There is no amount of audio books or mobility training that can make that seem okay.

Do I feel helpless in this battle? Yes. Do I have trouble not getting hurt when he is short with me out of frustration? Sure. Have I gotten close to total burn out , because sometimes I feel like Cinderella? Of course.

Could I have just walked away from this when things got bad?


Despite anything that has changed, or will change, it comes down to one simple thing. I love him. The power of my love for him keeps me here.