This I Believe

Gail - Dana Point, California
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family, legacy

I believe I should not live with regret. I believe my Mother is the strongest person I know. Regret and strength. Because of my Mothers’ strength, I shall not live with regret. Yes, the 85 year old woman of three daughters, 3 grandsons and the wife of our Dad for fifty five years has inoperable lung cancer. I never thought my Mother would die before my Father; however, she knew. Yet, she has no regret. I believe she is happier with this outcome. Regret is a feeling of sorrow or remorse; dissapointment or failure. My Mother has no regret and I believe this gives her strength. To be strong is to be effective and compelling; firm or uncompromising. My Mother embodies what it is to be strong. Trust me, my Mother is firm and uncompromising; AND, she is loving and giving. Strength like unwielding steel and a will that does not allow for regret: That is my Mother! She is much loved.