This I Believe

Katharine - Osterville, Massachusetts
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In Hope

The day I learned that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer can easily be described as the darkest day of my life. At only 9 years old, I felt that my whole life was being shaken out of control. I know the only reason my mother, my family, and I survived was to believe in the only thing we had left; hope.

It was Christmastime in Massachusetts, and I had recently begun my fifth year of school. To most children this was a happy and exciting time; they had their whole future ahead of them. For me, I felt like I had nothing if I didn’t have my mother alongside with me. The thought of maybe never seeing her again could send me into a breakdown at any given moment. My whole family was suffering; all I could do was to wait. In the meantime my mother visited doctor after doctor, always hearing the same, depressing results.

I remember the day my aunt sat me down and talked with me about how much fun it would be living at her house. But, I refused to believe it. I didn’t care what any professional or friend told me. I had hope that my mother would have the strength to carry on. I had so much passion inside of me that my family began to believe me. Soon enough we were all hopeful. We just had to convince my mom.

One day, our thoughts and prayers were answered. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston decided to take on my mother’s case. This institute specialized in breast cancer, and they were just as optimistic as me. They began my mother’s treatment immediately. It was extremely rough on everyone at first, but soon my faith began to rub off on even my mom.

Slowly but surely, over the course of about a year, my mother was cured. The untreatable cancer she had reached was beaten. I really believe that it was hope as a family that gave my mother the strength to go on. The cancer was completely erased, and I am proud to say it hasn’t made a return in over 8 years.