This I Believe

Ambrea - Luray, Tennessee
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

What I believe

As a Christian I believe in blessings. It is my opinion that anyone who believes in the Lord has to believe in the many blessings he gives. I certainly am not worthy of the blessings God has revealed in my life.

God could not have put me in a better country to live my life in, along with the great parents I have. My parents have raised me in a family that showed me there is a God and to have faith in him. My life has not been perfect and I am blessed to have someone with me through all the up and downs.

My great-grandmother read her bible everyday and volunteered at the church every chance she was given. She had a beautiful flowerbed and lovely garden. We caroled at Christmas and sang at church. I did not say I sang good, but I did make a joyful noise. Going to church with her as a child and doing all these things for the Lord was a blessing to me. Seeing her flowerbed and garden showed me the blessing God had given her in her life.

As I have grown-up and gotten closer to God I have seen tons of blessing I have received. Meeting my husband and seeing our daughter be born has been probably one of the best blessings I have received. Finding out I was pregnant and seeing my tiny baby develop into this beautiful, loving being is the most awesome experience. I thank God everyday for her and my husband.

One of the last blessing I have received is my church and church family. No matter what denomination or religion anyone is I believe God has a place for everyone. The church God has put me at is wonderful. Our preach does not just preach, he believes in the Lord and wants everyone around him to be as excited and thrilled with all that God has to offer, as he is. Our church family will do exactly what they tell me they will do. They are just that a family in Christ. If I need them they will come. God has blessed our church with a new building to expand studies and worship. I hate to bring money up with blessings, but in this day and age we have to have it to survive. My church needed six thousand dollars for the new building to be bricked, so we prayed and seeked him in this. The building would not have even been started if God did not want my church to have it. The next week we had ten thousand dollars and the rest was history.

I believe in blessing and everyone receives them. Sometimes a person has to step back, slow down, and look. God taps everyone on the shoulder, sometimes people need to stop and pay attention.