This I Believe

Laura - Newberry, South Carolina
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of music. When words can’t be spoken, sometimes only a song can heal the broken heart. Music can be understood in every culture, every heart, every ear. There is no reason for the way we feel about a song that played in our high-school prom or that sixteenth birthday party. Nothing can replace the magic of a loved one singing a song just for you or a lullaby for a newborn her first night home.

I grew up in a family of musical people and music is our passion. My mother is an organist and choir director and my dad and brother both sing. I play the piano too and sing as best I can. My greatest dream is going to Broadway but will I make it?

So many times I’ve led to doubt this dream but music leads me through it every day. Just the smallest song can give me the power to believe in myself and in others. I’ve been given a gift in the family I live with and the blessings I have through the music within me. That may sound a bit corny but it’s true. I don’t know where I’d be without music honestly and truly.

Try imagining a world without music, just for a moment. Imagine no birds singing in the early morning on the way to class or to work. Imagine not even the sounds of beeping horns in opposite syncopation from each other. Try thinking how the world would be so much harder to live in without that one song that helps you get by. Imagine no Beatles, no Elvis, no African tribal music, no New York disco grooves. Can’t?

Neither can I.

I believe in music, this is what I believe