This I Believe

Lacey - Bristol, Tennessee
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“We know life has its ups and downs, turn your pretty face to an ugly frown. It seems that when I fix one thing another one comes, clouding up my vision, but I can feel the sun. I believe that I can do this, I know that I can win, just as long as I have His love with in.” When I hear the words of this song, I think of myself. I believe in myself and I believe in God, and in what God has done for me. With God I will be victorious.

I hold very high expectations for myself, and if I don’t achieve them, then I feel like I have let myself down. I higher I put my expectations, the harder I work. I am a very strong-willed person, and I like to prove I can handle anything that comes my way. I know that God gives me the faith and the belief that I need to succeed.

I am also very competitive; I like to win and have fun. I play Varsity softball for my high school and I love it. I believe in myself so much that when it comes down to it I am on the very fine line between confidence and cocky. I step on the field knowing that there is no one out there just as good as me or better than I am. God has provided me with so much talent that it would be a waste not to use something he has given me; I use my talents and give him praise for it, just simply because he is amazing. I honestly do not think I would be the athlete I am had God not given me the talents he has. All the times I have got down on myself and thought I was no good, God was right there telling me not to give up and to strive to want to be something, and I give him thanks.

My family is so proud of me. They are proud of the young lady I have become. That is another reason I believe in myself so much. I think my parents prouder of me than they ever thought they would be. I am an only child, so I have a lot to live up too. My parents have never tried to make me go to church because they always knew that I would have to decide what I believed by myself. God has given me such a wonderful family, and I just want to thank Him for everything he is given me and allowed me to do.