This I Believe

Jennifer - Cedaredge, Colorado
Entered on September 4, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe…

I believe in the power of my children.; in their strong hearts and thoughtful minds. They can conquer foes and rule kingdoms. They swing high in the air or turn flips around a bar without the fear of falling. They can incite strong emotions; love, frustration, fear, trust, joy. They can hold me in the palm of their little delicate hands.

I believe in the innocence of my children. They love everyone, and they pass no judgment based upon first impressions. They live in a world free of pain, strife, or hardships. They look at every day as a new adventure with glorious treasures to be found. They see the wonder in the smallest things-grasshoppers, ants, dust. They believe that everyone is inherently good. They know nothing of politics, war, greed, drugs, or death. Ten pennies are better than one paper dollar.

I believe in the frailty of my children. In their skinny arms and boney knees, in their soft, smooth skin and round faces, and in each small handprint that they leave on my windows. They lay vulnerable and peaceful in their beds without a worry, yet they would be lost without someone to care for them. They are dependent upon my husband and I to clothe, bathe, feed and shelter them.

I believe that the love my children give me today will be different tomorrow as they will have grown a little bigger, a little wiser, and a little less innocent. I long to see my children grown, yet I fear to loose the children that they are today. For all of the wonderful and amazing things they may do or become, they will never again be my little prince and princess. Their little kisses will flow less freely and hugs will become a luxury. They will realize that the world is not always sunny and that tears are shed for reasons other than skinned knees and lost kittens. I will miss their hot breath on my neck as they wrap their little arms around me and beg me to read one more book. Yet, I believe that my children are tomorrow’s hope and that they carry my dreams and fears with them into the future. When they are grown and have children of their own, I hope that they can look at them in amazement and with joy and find something in those sweet faces that they too can believe in. I believe that my children have given me just that, something to believe in, and for that I am grateful.