This I Believe

Katie - Piney Flats, Tennessee
Entered on September 1, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe in Love and Friendship, the good and bad things within both.

I believe in love and friendship. They are both two of the very things that shape our everyday life. They make us show many emotions such as anger, faith, sadness, humbleness, hope, trust, betrayal, joy, guilt. And they make us feel those emotions and many others.

Sometimes we go through life not knowing love. Not knowing how to react to its ups and downs alike. Not knowing it could be the one thing that either saves our lives or destroys us. Many times we go through life looking for love unaware how it will effect us. We just want to feel accepted, feel loved, and like we belong.

Love can hurt. Love can also be a great thing. It depends on how you look at it. Because in some ways at one time I thought I had it all. But now is a different story. One that will live forever in the corner of my mind. My life is not what you would expect. There are so many things on this broken mind heart and mind, weighing it down like a bag of rocks that you cannot carry to far or they will break your back. The back you need to stand because without it you are nothing. It is the stability of your body, the thing you need almost as much as you need all your organs. The thing is there are many things in life that take our breath away.

Yet there are so many people who take our hearts right along with them when they take our breath away. They take a place in our hearts forever whether we want them to or not. For they are a part of your life that you can not live without whether you like them, love them, or dislike them with a passion that maybe you once loved them. Even if they have done you wrong in the past they are still in your memory and on your mind and in your heart forevermore.

Love can also humble a person and make them trust people they would not normally trust. For when you find a person who will make you feel happy and you know that you can trust them and be yourself it is worth the happiness. It does not have to be a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife. It can be a friend, family member, or a person you can be yourself around.

Love has its good times and bad times just like everything else in life. Many times in your life can be remembered either by a good time that you had while in love or by the bad times you had while either in love or being burned by love. But in general it is a wonderful thing. To love a friend or family member can be the best feeling in the world. It can make you feel like a totally different person then the person you normally are in everyday life. The love you feel for any one person is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Forgiveness is golden. If you can forgive then you have accomplished something that most people including myself have found somewhat difficult in the past to do. Friendship can make you do crazy things. Friends can be the best things in the world, or they can be your worst nightmare. For you have let them know things about you that you would normally not tell anyone else in the world whom you did not trust.Sometimes you find someone so great that you cannot help but be friends.

They are there for you when you need someone to either laugh with when times are funny, or cry on their shoulder when things get to you or life is really hard on you and your family. Whether it is petty things that get to you when other people pick on you or the big things that hurt your feelings friends will always be there for you to either vent on or have a good time with.

Friends are always there, no matter when or where. If in the middle of the night you need someone they will always be there to help you along your way.

Sometimes you find a person so great that when they become your friend you feel as if God has sent you a personal angel to help you through the hard and great times of life. I think friends are God’s way of showing you that not only do parents and other family member love you, but there are people who do not even have to be related by blood that love you all the same or more then your family members do.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize friends had a place in your heart. They do things that you never thought they would do. They betray your trust, hurt your feeling by doing things you simply asked them not to or did not know they would.

They can tell you they will not do something and then turn around and do it anyway. Sometimes they say stuff that hurts you. They might tell people you lied about things you actually did not say. So therefore it hurts your feelings, makes you mad and then makes everybody else think that you may lie about things that you don’t.

But for the most part it is an honor to have a great friend who will be there whenever you need them. They always have the right thing to say when you need it. A good friend will keep a secret whatever the costs, but also a true friend will not ever let you harm yourself or others. They will be there for you so you do not hurt yourself over something stupid and they will not let you make a big deal out of something that is petty.

Love and friendship mean more to me then anything except for family. Love can cause you to do crazy things. Friendship can do that same. For they both can either save our lives or destroy us. Many times we go through life looking for love and friendship but most of the time they end up surprising us when we least expect it.